Cyber Monday Cookbooks on Sale

It's Cyber Monday and I'm in my element. Guess what I just found? Cookbooks on sale.

The Complete Slow Cooking for Two cookbook by Linda Larsen
Amazon has a really, really great selection of cookbooks for Kindle on sale today and, while free cookbooks for my Kindle or my Fire tablet are great, sometimes it pays to spend a little bit of money to get something really special. For instance, I just bought The Complete Cooking for Two: A Perfectly Portioned Slow Cooker Cookbook by Linda Larsen.

I'm very familiar with Linda from her column and I've prepared many of her tasty recipes, so when I saw her name on the book, and because I really love cooking with my slow cooker, I knew I'd love this book and everything inside. The 4.8-star rating confirmed that others like the book, too, so I hit that beautiful "Buy now with 1-click" button and the book was mine. I've only owned it for about 10 minutes, but I've already chosen the first recipe to try. And with over 400 pages, I'm sure it will be the first of many.

The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook from Americas Test Kitchen
Here's another title that caught my eye: The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook edited by America's Test Kitchen. Do you know who that is? Those are the people geniuses behind Cook's Illustrated Magazine, Cook's Country magazine and the America's Test Kitchen cooking show, one of my favorite television cooking shows, and all things fabulous when it comes to food. I know many people who either must or choose to eat gluten free, so with 4.6 stars from 940 reviewers to add to the reputation of America's Test Kitchen, I know this will be a great book for my Kindle cookbook collection as well.

If you're interested in Kindle cookbooks and want to check out the entire selection of Cyber Monday sale books while they're still on sale, here's the link to use.

Now, if you're not Kindle crazy like I am and prefer cookbooks in printed form, you're in luck, too. A new cookbook is a fabulous gift idea and when you use the link above you'll find thousands of cookbooks to choose from. Sound overwhelming? It isn't. Check out the featured books or explore a topic such as cookbooks from TV shows and celebrity cooks, bestsellers, and new releases. You'll find plenty of book bargains and cookbooks on sale along the way.

Back to the topic of Kindle cookbooks for a minute. Note that you don't have to own a Kindle to read these books. There's a free reading app available for any device you possibly could own, from your smart phone to your iPad. You'll be offered that option when you shop. If you're not sure why you should consider cookbooks for Kindle in the first place, check out my explanation at the link.

Happy shopping and happy cooking!

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