Loco Moco Recipe

Nothing crazy about this loco moco recipe except the name! It's easy, it's filling, and with planned-leftover hamburgers and rice you can have it on the table in minutes.

Crazy name, right? Well, there's nothing crazy about this loco moco recipe. It's easy, it's filling, and if you have planned-leftover hamburgers and rice, you can have it on the table in mere minutes.

"So what is loco moco?" you ask. Examine the layers in the picture and you'll see rice on the bottom, topped with a hamburger, brown gravy, and a fried egg then garnished with green onion slices. Really, that's it. Simple, but crazy delicious!

"Why is it called loco moco?" The name came from Hawaii, where this recipe originated and is still served in most local restaurants throughout our 50th state. The dish was concocted for surfers who needed a high-protein breakfast that would stick with them during a long morning of surfing. The trend caught on and for years has been a popular fixture in local diners, usually served with a scoop of macaroni salad on the side. Natives and visitors alike love their loco moco.

Here's the easy recipe:

Loco Moco Recipe

2 scoops rice
1 cooked hamburger patty
plenty of brown gravy
1 egg, fried to order ("over easy" is our preference)
green onion, sliced, as much as you like

I use jasmine rice because I like it; choose your favorite. Brown rice makes for a healthier version. Cook it ahead using your rice cooker or cook it on the stove. Add two generous scoops of the prepared rice to a bowl.

Fry, broil, or grill a hamburger patty for the next layer. Salt and pepper to taste. Lay the hamburger atop the rice.

Buy a jar of brown gravy or make your own (homemade is always better, but jarred gravy is quick and easy to heat up). Ladle the hot gravy over the hamburger.

Fry an egg over-easy or to your preference of done-ness. Add the hot, freshly fried egg to the bowl.

Sprinkle sliced green onion on top.


To follow local customs, include a scoop of macaroni salad on the side. You'll find a traditional Hawaiian macaroni salad recipe at the link as well as more about the background of this popular Island breakfast food.

Loco Moco Recipe Variations: Substitute sausage, ham, spam, or a veggie burger for the hamburger.

Have you tried loco moco? Think it sounds crazy? Let me know!


  1. Crazy name for sure, but looks and sounds great. Thanks Susan

    1. You're welcome, Sam! If you're hungry, this will fill you up!

    2. LOCO MOCO IS AMAZING ...had it in Hawaii


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