The Spinach Collection

The Spinach Collection by Merry Citarella cookbook review
I don't think I've ever known anyone who loves spinach as much as my friend, cookbook author Merry Citarella. Skim through the pages of her hot-off-the-press new cookbook, The Spinach Collection, and you'll see what I mean. But wait! You won't want to just skim this. Like the recipes inside, you'll want to savor every single one. Honestly, there's not a recipe in here that I wouldn't eat and I've bookmarked quite a few that I'll be trying soon.

The photos in this cookbook make my mouth water, and there's one for every recipe (you might want to browse this book with napkin in hand). If you read this on your Kindle Fire tablet you'll enjoy seeing the photos in color, but even on a regular Kindle reader, the photos in black and white show up quite nicely.

The introduction is both interesting and fun to read. You'll learn plenty about the nutritional aspects of spinach there and throughout the book. I counted over 40 recipes plus suggestions such as how to hide spinach in just about any food, so that counts for even more.  Fortunately, although spinach contains oodles of vitamins and minerals, it's a low-calorie food, too, so no worries if you want to try a new spinach recipe every single day.

I like that Merry begins each recipe with both a photo and an introduction that includes suggestions on, for instance, which type of cheese to use or other possible substitutions or recipe variations.

Whether you're looking for a delicious breakfast dish, a healthful variation on pizza, a fabulously healthy pasta dish, or an irresistible new spinach salad recipe, you'll find it right here in the pages of this fabulous book. I loved it and I'm thinking that you will, too.

NOTE: Read this Kindle cookbook free with Kindle Unlimited. Otherwise, the regular price is $2.99 (price subject to change), definitely a bargain. See it at this link.

The spinach and egg sandwich in the picture was made using The Spinach Collection's Easy Breakfast Sandwiches recipe. I used a hearty ciabatta roll and Canadian bacon and we ate these, with fruit, for supper. Delicious!

This spinach and egg sandwich is from The Spinach Collection's Easy Breakfast Sandwiches recipe.


  1. Sounds like a good book, Susan. I love the idea of eating lots of spinach, LOL.

    1. Having this cookbook makes eating lots of spinach very easy and pleasant! I've even been adding lots of spinach to salads this week since I stocked up. Trying to decide which recipe to try next... Appreciate your comment and hope you enjoy the book!


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