Tortellini With Pesto Sauce

Tortellini with Pesto Sauce Recipe
 If you're looking for a quick, easy pasta recipe with two ingredients that's delicious to serve to company as well as to your family, then try this Tortellini With Pesto Sauce recipe.

It's actually embarrassing to admit that until just a couple of years ago I scrunched up my nose at anything called "pesto" and that I had never eaten tortellini.

Oh, what I had been missing! As the dish gained in popularity on recipe sites and cooking shows over the last several years, I became curious. Finally, I bought a jar of pesto and a package of frozen tortellini to give the combination a try.

Why did I wait so long? This cheesy pasta coated in what turns out to be a combination mostly consisting of basil and olive oil turned out to be delicious!

Now it's a favorite around our house, especially during the summer months. Perhaps this will be the year I finally gather basil from my own garden and blend up my own pesto. In the meantime, though, the Classico Traditional Basil Pesto Sauce that I buy at Walmart works quite well. I usually buy the tortellini from my local Schwan's delivery guy, but you can also choose tortellini from your favorite store's deli department.

While tortellini with pesto sauce is delicious, I'll admit that I add it to our menu regularly because it's so easy to prepare. You'll have it on the table in about 20 minutes start to finish, so it's a great choice at the end of a busy day, so much better than drive-thru and far more frugal. This definitely qualifies as a quick and easy dinner idea.

Ready for the 2-ingredient recipe? Here it is:

Tortellini with Pesto Sauce

16 ounces frozen cheese tortellini
4 ounces basil pesto sauce (homemade or store-bought)

Prepare the tortellini per package directions, using a large pot and plenty of boiling water. Don't overcook; after you've added the frozen pasta to the boiling water, about the time the water returns to a boil the pasta will have risen to the surface. Give it another half-minute or so then use a colander to drain it well. 

Return the drained tortellini to the same warm pot, then stir in the pesto. Add more if you want, to taste. 

Serve warm with a fresh green salad full of your favorite vegetables and perhaps a slice or two of French bread with a drizzle of olive oil. 

Let me know how you like it!

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P.P.S. February 13th is National Tortellini Day, but feel free to celebrate year-round! 

Start with just two ingredients, frozen tortellini and store-bought basil pesto sauce
A package of cheese tortellini plus a jar of delicious basil pesto
equals a quick, easy, delicious meal for your family.

Tortellini with Pesto - Good to the last bite!
Tortellini with Pesto Sauce - Good to the last bite!


  1. A great quick dish Susan, and one I think my family will love. I'll be making it soon, and let you know. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hope your family enjoys it, Nancy! Thanks so much!

  3. We already love pesto but hadn't thought of serving it on tortellini before. Thanks for the tip!


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