Chopped Chipotle & Cheddar Chicken Dinner Salad Recipe

Chopped Chipotle Cheddar Chicken Dinner Salad With Tomato and Avocado
Recently, we've been enjoying dinner salads using Dole chopped salads, prepackaged salad greens with add-ons and dressing, each with a theme. Last night we chose the Chopped Chipotle & Cheddar Salad Kit, added our own diced tomatoes and avocado, then topped it off with a seasoned, sliced, chicken breast, hot and fresh off our own grill.

While you could buy each of the ingredients yourself, it's so much easier to buy the chopped salad kit since Dole has already assembled not only the perfect combination of greens but the best, most complementary flavors and textures, along with their own salad dressing packet, and included all of it in a bag. In this case, the salad consists of red and green cabbage, romaine lettuce, kale, carrots, and green onion slices in just the right proportions. Open the cheese packet and the tortilla strips to add the awesome cheddar flavor and a nice bit of crunch, then toss it all together with the included Chipotle Ranch dressing.

Avocados were available for a great price this week so I used two, dicing and adding one and a half then slicing the last half to add on the side. I had a couple of small tomatoes that were almost at the end of their life span, so I diced those and threw them into the mix, too.

For the chicken on top, I fileted two chicken breast halves (so they'd cook up quickly), shook on a generous amount of Fiesta Lime Mrs. Dash (one of my favorite seasonings), threw those on the grill for a few minutes then, when they were done, sliced them cross-wise and added them to the top of the salads, which I had piled onto two dinner plates. The result? Delicious.

Dole makes several chopped salad kits, any of which make a great side salad or add grilled meat or fish of your choice for a delicious meal. For next time, I'm eying the Chopped Bacon & Bleu and thinking "steak" for the top. I use and recommend Mrs. Dash seasoning blends when I grill meat. Check the link or your local grocery store for all the amazing flavor combinations.

We were in a big hurry to eat this, but I grabbed a quick picture of my husband's plate before he dug in. It looked prettier in person and it smelled and tasted great, too.

Sound good to you? If you like the idea of turning a bagged salad into a meal, why not pin this post to your Pinterest recipes board so you don't lose it. I'd love to hear about your dinner salad combination ideas, too, in a comment below.


  1. Susan, this looks so good, of course I have to add it my recipe board :)

  2. Much appreciated, Brite-Ideas! Hope you try the recipe, too!


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