Need New Recipes for the New Year?

Meal planning can be a challenge and it's certainly easy to fall into a rut. That's why this year I'm going back to E-Mealz. In fact, I bought a gift subscription to E-Mealz for my daughter-in-law for Christmas and she's very excited about being able to easily plan her meals, quickly prepare her meals (she works long hours), and to save money with the grocery list provided with her menus and recipes for the week.

I've mentioned E-Mealz before as I used the service for several months last year. Due to "life" circumstances, I stopped my subscription for awhile, but I'm very happy to have it back. Since it's a paid service (you'll save the price of the service multiple times over on groceries, though) I can't share specific recipes with you, but I'll just tell you that for dinner today I'm having something different that is a true comfort food recipe and sounds delicious. I don't expect that we'll be disappointed, either. In fact, we loved almost every e-Mealz meal we had last year. We lost weight, too, as I was using the low carb meals for two plan. I was happy to see that there's now a new whole foods menu plan now, too.

You can see sample menus and check out all the plans on the E-Mealz website. The link is an affiliate link, but you will benefit far more than I do if you sign up.

Have you tried E-Mealz? I'd love to know which plan you use and how you like it!

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