Sausage Potato Soup: This Time With Cabbage

Some time back I posted my Sausage Potato Soup recipe.  It's a simple but tasty main dish soup, very quick and easy to prepare, perfect for the fall weather we've been having.

When I first posted the recipe I commented that next time I'd try adding some cabbage if I had any on hand.  Well, a few days ago I made a pot of this yummy soup and I happened to have some coleslaw mix on hand, the green and red cabbage with carrot mixture in a package that's already shredded for you, and I remembered to add a couple of handfuls.  As I suspected, the soup turned out even better with that extra cabbage flavor.  It looked pretty, too, with a touch of purple cabbage and the shredded carrots adding a bit of color and leaving behind a touch of their sweet tastes as well.

Here's a picture that I remembered to take before the soup was gone.  Makes me hungry all over again just looking at it!

I hope you'll try the Sausage Potato Soup recipe both ways and let me know which way you prefer it, with or without the cabbage.  Enjoy it, whichever way you choose! 


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