Easy Soup Recipe: Sausage Potato Soup

Looking for easy soup recipes?  This has to be one of the easiest ever.  I found it in a community cookbook and fixed it for the first time last week on one of those rainy, perfect-for-soup days.  Here's my version of the recipe with (believe it or not) a little more detail than there was in the original.

Easy Sausage Potato Soup Recipe

potatoes - as many as you want (I used three or four) 
onions - as many as you want (I used one)
a 1-pound roll of your favorite ground sausage
salt and pepper to taste

Scrub and roughly dice the potatoes (leave the peel on) and dice the onion.  Place in a dutch oven.  Add water to cover plus an inch or two more.  Bring to a soft boil.  Add pinches of the sausage to the soup.  Let simmer until potatoes are done.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Serve.

That's all there is to it.  I simmered mine for about an hour.  Make more or less depending on your family size; the two of us ate this for two meals and it was quite delicious for being such a simple recipe.  Next time I'll add some cabbage if I have some. 

Really, it would be hard to find a soup recipe easier than this one.  If you have one, include it in a comment below!

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