Snacks for Cub Scouts (and other kids)

When my younger son was Cub Scout age, I was the den mother for his little den of Cubs. In one of my cookbooks is a piece of paper that I obviously copied for the boys, labeled "Easy Snacks for Healthy Cub Scouts." Here are a couple of the super-simple recipes that I included.

Snack on a Handle
Spear cheese cubes, meat, or fruit (pineapple, grapes, strawberries) on straight pretzels.

Apple Pinwheel
Core an apple. Stuff the opening with peanut butter, cream cheese, or cheese spread. Chill. To serve, slice crosswise.

Both of those still sound really good. The apple pinwheels would require a lot of adult help for little guys, but the snacks on pretzel handles would be a great "recipe" to use to show children how to prepare a nice plate of snacks for family or friends - or maybe for a Blue and Gold banquet!

There's a book from Family Fun Magazine called Family Fun Super Snacks that I found that's inexpensive and full of terrific snack ideas for kids of Cub Scout age.  I like the Apple S'Mores recipe.  Click the link to take a look inside the book, to get a "taste" of the snack recipes inside!
What snacks do you serve to your Cub Scouts?

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