Spring Ahead to Easter

Seems like we just had Leap Day, now tonight we "spring ahead" for an extra-early daylight saving time. Easter is sneaking up on us quickly, too, so it's time to mention my Pink Pickled Eggs recipe again. Have you tried it? If you or your kids can't get past the "pickled" part of the name, call these gorgeous pinkish-purple eggs something else, like Real Pretty Pink Easter Eggs That Taste Good, because they are!

Have you planned your Easter menu yet? Will you have Easter brunch or a big Easter dinner? If the thought of planning makes you want to tear your hair out, you probably could use this guide to A Stress Free Easter Holiday. Lucky for you (and me) it's an e-book, instantly downloadable, and, as one of those cute little marshmallow peeps might say if it could talk, it's "cheep!"

And, if you need a special activity to help your children understand the importance of Easter, consider making Resurrection Cookies with them the night before Easter Sunday. It's a great way to teach them why Easter is really cool, and the cookies are good, too.

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