Super Fast, Super Good Supper

I love Woman's Day magazine. I've subscribed for many, many years and always look forward to receiving a new issue in the mail. On the cover of the February 1 issue, one particular "teaser" caught my eye - "50 Ten-Minute Meals." Now, ten-minutes meals I can really get into. Here's the first one I tried. It doesn't have a name but was number 25 on the list.

Super Fast, Super Good #25

Brown ground beef in large skillet, stir in canned chunky tomatoes and green chiles, tomato sauce and chili seasoning mix. Simmer until slightly thickened; stir in canned corn and rinsed beans. Heat through.

Now, that's my kind of recipe; leaves a lot of room for individual preferences and doesn't dirty up the measuring cups. I used frozen corn that I had set out earlier to thaw and I used a can of black beans. We had one tasty meal and it was on the table in a big hurry, which is my usual, normal speed. Perfect!

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