Mandy's Potatoes and Green Beans

This is my dear daughter-in-law's recipe, very much a family favorite. It's also how she gets her husband, my son, to eat his vegetables, and she's much more successful at that than I ever was. He absolutely loves this dish!

Mandy's Red Potatoes and Green Beans

red or new potatoes, as many as needed
green beans, fresh or frozen
salt and pepper
garlic - fresh or powdered
pinch of sugar

How to do it . . .
Wash potatoes and slice or leave whole. Combine all other ingredients to taste and bring to a boil. Boil until potatoes are soft.

This is a great side dish or meal, especially in the cold! ENJOY!

Stephen and Mandy got engaged last Christmas, which was the first year I had an almost-daughter to help me in the kitchen - and it was wonderful - so I'm really looking forward to this year, now that she's "official." In fact, from now on I think I'll make it her official duty to bring Potatoes and Green Beans for Christmas dinner. Yes, I really like that idea. Mandy, are you reading this? I'll bake the pumpkin pies if you'll bring the Potatoes and Green Beans!

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