Karen's Goodie Balls

My healthy friend Karen asked if I'd like one of her recipes for my blog. You betcha! Here's what she sent (it sounds wonderful!):

Here is one of our favorite snack recipes that also happens to be healthy and fun to make. I find that if you involve kids in making a recipe, they are much more likely to try it out. This was the favorite lesson too when I taught a healthy cooking class for our homeschool group.

Goodie Balls

This is a very versatile recipe and a great way to get extra Omega-3’s and veggie protein into your kids. If you are “marketing” them to teens, you could rename them “Power Balls!”

½ c each:
flaxseed meal
raw almonds or other raw nuts
raisins or dates
¾ c rolled oats

Chop the nuts, oats and raisins or dates by either blending in a strong blender or using a hand chopper or food processor. The younger the children you are serving it to, the more finely ground you want this mixture. Put in a bowl and add:

½ c peanut butter (natural without added sugar or hydrogenated oils best)
½ c honey

Mix well until mixture sticks together. Roll into small (less than 1” diameter) balls and then roll in either sucanat, wheat germ or oat flour. May be stored in the refridgerator in airtight container.

Feel free to adjust ingredients to taste. You can double the recipe but get help rolling out the little balls! I adapted this from a recipe in Whole Foods for the Whole Family. It had cream cheese and dry milk which was tasty but my family didn’t need the dairy.

~Karen Davis
Indian Trail, North Carolina

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