Thanksgiving Planning Guide

Is your Thanksgiving dinner all planned? Have you cleaned the house? Have you done your shopping? Is your grocery list ready? Still have lots left to do??

Yeah, me too.

No need to worry. If you still have planning, shopping, cooking or even cleaning to do, don't get stressed out! Instead, get this GREAT Thanksgiving Planning Guide. It truly is a guide for planning the perfect Thanksgiving. You will find information on planning a family get-together, dealing with holiday stress, cooking the perfect turkey, decorating your house for this special day, and more. The authors have also included enough healthy recipes to feed your family this Thanksgiving. Just incorporate a few family favorites and you'll be ready to have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.

So, don't put it off any longer! Get busy and take just a few minutes to read about Planning a Healthy Thanksgiving. It may just save your life, or at least your sanity, this Thanksgiving.

UPDATE:  This resource is no longer available, but I found another free Thanksgiving Planning ebook for you.  Click the link to access the easy PDF download. 

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